Lynn Stanley-Toasts Julie London

Fans and critics are saying: “Outstanding Sound” “Incredible!” “This will become one of you favorite albums.”
Lyn Stanley’s London Calling…A Toast To Julie London as she reimagines 17 classic songs Award-winning, internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist Lyn Stanley follows her top-selling Moonlight Sessions albums with an ultimate tribute to Julie London in music and sound!

In this stunning new collection listeners will discover a side of singer Lyn Stanley that they haven’t heard before. The 17 tunes on this recording explore phases of romance from first glance, in “Blue Moon,” to a missed chance, in “Cry Me a River.” Most of the wide-ranging material presented here was originally recorded by singer/actress Julie London, along with a couple of offerings that Stanley feels would have been perfect for the sultry songstress, such as “It’s Impossible,” and “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.”
With her distinctive sound and approach, Lyn Stanley brings to mind a method actor, mining the stories and feelings in each tune and getting to the heart of the lyrics. Striving for sensitivity, Stanley stays true to these stories and portrays the experiences of people engaged in the dance of romance.
Besides being a well-conceived appreciation of the popular singer/actor Julie London, in both music and album graphic presentation, London Calling marks a big step forward in Lyn Stanley’s evolution as a recording artist. She recalls that for her debut album, 2013’s Lost in Romance, her mentor Paul Smith, renowned as Ella Fitzgerald’s long-time musical director and frequent collaborator, offered a lengthy tune list and urged the fledgling vocalist to pick some she could relate to. “It was as if you had a bunch of ingredients on the table and had to decide on the spot if you are going to make ramen or spaghetti,” she muses.
Just five years later, Stanley provided a recipe of her own to bring her unique vision of the Julie London project to fruition. Not only did she have a self-curated set list, she also had a clear idea of how each tune should sound, aiming to hold true to the composers’ ideas while stirring in some of her own.
Lyn Stanley always makes a practice of working with top-flight musicians, and once she communicated her ideas to them, she welcomed their input. Without any written arrangements, the brilliant results of their collaboration bring cutting-edge ideas to vintage songs. “It’s a thrill to hear something you’ve brought into life,” Stanley says. “It came to me so easily once I got my bearings.”
The singer opted for an intimate sound from a stellar lineup that brings together some of the very best players on the California jazz scene: guitarist/featured artist John Chiodini; pianists Mike Garson and Christian Jacob; bassists Chuck Berghofer and Michael Valerio; percussionists Luis Conte, Brad Dutz, and Aaron Serfaty (also heard on drums); and drummer Paul Kreibich.

With London Calling’s artful packaging, Stanley finds another way to pay tribute to her inspiration, Julie London, who said photo shoots for her albums took longer than the recording process. That’s not the case with Stanley, whose audiophile bona fides and perfectionism in the studio and throughout production are well established. But the gorgeously photographed images of the elegantly clad chanteuse are an homage to London’s sensuous approach that reflects Lyn’s own 21st century sensibilities. Completing the package are liner notes by Scott Yanow, offering a historian’s perspective on the music, providing background on each song, and insights to how Lyn—and Julie!—approached the tunes.

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