VSOJAZ 01/20/18 (New Releases and Recent Discoveries)

VSOJAZ 01/20/18 (New Releases and Recent Discoveries)

Name Time Album Artist

1 Hello Young Lovers 3:47 Driftin’ at the Lake Hinda Hoffman

2 You Stepped out of a Dream 3:59 Change Partners Ian Shaw

3 My Favorite Things 4:25 Awakening Michelle Coltrane

4 Naima 5:39 Bridges Amy London

5 Sand 4:47 Rearrangements of Shadows Cheryl Bentyne

6 Everything I’ve Got 3:08 The Late Set Hilary Gardner & Ehud Asherie

7 This Can’t Be Love 3:29 Forever Reasons John Dokes

8 That Old Feeling 3:48 That Old Feeling Alma Micic, Tom Beckham, Rale Micic, Corcoran…

9 Under The Spell Of The Blues 3:29 Black Moonlight Linda Carone

10 Joy Spring 4:28 Resilience Rondi Charleston

11 Devil May Care 5:41 Sacha: NY After Dark Sacha Boutros

12 Baltimore Oriole 5:45 Dreamsville Nancy Hamilton

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