VSOJAZ 07/21/18 (More New Releases & Recent Discoveries)

VSOJAZ 07/21/18 (More New Releases & Recent Discoveries)

Name Time Album Artist

1 One Jealous Moon 4:16 Paris In the Rain Sarah McKenzie

2 Close Enough for Jazz 4:45 You’re Driving Me Crazy Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco

3 Lullaby in Rhythm 2:01 One for the Road Jayne Manning

4 You Turned the Tables on Me 3:56 Fat Daddy Marty Elkins

5 Witchcraft / You Fascinate Me So 4:05 Déjà Vu Trudy Kerr

6 Sky Dive 8:53 Utopia Peter Jones

7 Lester’s Trip to the Moon 3:51 The Genius of Eddie Jefferson (feat. Eric Reed) Allan Harris

8 The Windmills of Your Mind 4:43 Bridges Shirley Crabbe

9 Gentle Rain 4:25 Say It  John Proulx

10 If I Were a Bell 3:38 Ella! Denise Jannah

11 I’m Old Fashioned 4:40 Lazy Afternoon Heather Bennett

12 Blue Moon 3:59 Looking at the Moon Allegra Levy

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