VSOJAZ 09/14/19 (The Quieter Side)

VSOJAZ 09/14/19 (The Quieter Side)

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Name Time Album Artist

1 Pretty People 3:17 Pretty People –  Duncan Lamont & Esther Bennett, 

2 On The Other Side Of The Tracks 3:53 An Evening With Jennifer Roberts Jennifer Roberts

3 Here I Go Again 4:05 Whyte Witchcraft – Songs Of Cy Coleman Ronny Whyte

4 Jitterbug Waltz 4:48 No Broken Hearts Maria Schafer

5 Songbird 3:53 Highwire Lisa Rich

6 You Don’t Know What Love Is (with the Valve Bone Woe)4:49 Valve Bone Woe  Chrissie Hynde

7 Skylark 3:10 Lush Life Linda Ronstadt

8 Ballad Of The Sad Young Men 5:35 Speak Low Boz Scaggs

9 When I Look in Your Eyes 4:01 Let Me Know Your Heart Audrey Silver

10 Love Theme (From “Spartacus”)  3:44 Trouble Benjamin Herman featuring Daniel Von Piekartz

11 Love Is Here to Stay 4:33 In Any Key Gretje Angell

12 Dancing In the Dark 4:47 The Astaire Story Fred Astaire

13 In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning 2:38 Make You Feel My Love Lee Glantz

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