VSOJAZ 11/04/17 (New Releases)

VSOJAZ 11/04/17 (New Releases)

Name Time Album Artist

1 L-O-V-E 2:09 Nat “King” Cole & Me (Deluxe) Gregory Porter

2 Alone Together 2:55 Feeling The Jazz Donna Singer

3 The Ladies Who Lunch 5:13 Rearrangements of Shadows Cheryl Bentyne

4 She’s Warm, She’s Willing, She’s Wonderful 4:35 Forever Reasons John Dokes

5 One of a Kind 5:22 One of a Kind Benny Benack III

6 Falling In Love With Love 5:20 Dreams (Dreams) Sinne Eeg

7 Sunny Side of the Street 3:17 Resilience Rondi Charleston

8 Which Way Steinway 3:42 Vignettes Erin Dickins

9 Is This Reason 5:38 Float Out To Sea Joanie Palatto & Sparrow

10 Big Bad Handsome Man 2:52 Black Moonlight Linda Carone

11 September In The Rain 4:49 solstice/equinox Diana Panton

12 You Have Lived in Autumn 2:56 Blossom Dearie Sings (45th Anniversary Edition) Blossom Dearie

13 Maybe September 3:36 Dreamsville Nancy Hamilton

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