Bossanaire – Viva Brasil

Bossanaire plays traditional Bossa Nova music popularized by Jobim and Gilberto/Getz. They also perform many 60s Bossa pop classics along with more contemporary Bossa Novas . Featuring two female singers, Bossanaire’s sound is reminiscent of the original ‘Brasil 66’ group. Bossanaire creates and highlights the fun, festive and sultry sound that made this style so popular and timeless. Everyone loves the Bossa Nova! Highly Recommended!
…..Featured in the group are Laurie Hammond and Mallory Glaser on vocals, , Anthony Proveaux on nylon string guitar, Gus Russell on piano, Paul Biondi on Sax and Flute, Jerry Gleason on Bass and Jim Reinking on Drums.

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