VSOJAZ Records

VSOJAZ Records is a label exclusively dedicated to exploring the multi-faceted world of jazz vocal music. The release of “You Inspire Me” by Diane Hubka continues our adventurous path.Diane’s penchant for mixing well known standards with quality lesser known tunes, the way she explores them in a variety of instruments settings, and that wonderful voice are hallmark of the finest jazz vocal recordings. We hope you agree.

We are fortunate to be able to work with some of the finest Jazz musicians on the east coast. In our continued support for these artists we hope to broaden the world of Jazz and it’s awareness.

Diane’s debut CD “Haven’t We Met” featuring jazz legend Lee Konitz was nominated for a Jazz Award for Best Recording Debut of the Year in 1999, is already well know to a growing number of jazz aficionados and critics.  Her second release Look No Further was described by a LA Jazz Scene’s Scott Yanow as, “one of the best in recent times”. Learn more

For the vocalist, who makes her home on North Carolina’s sandy Outer Banks, the album proved to be an ideal calling card, earning her new fans and the opportunity to perform regularly throughout the Outer Banks and Southeastern and Central Virginia. Learn more