VSOJAZ 06/09/18 (The Quieter Side)

VSOJAZ 06/09/18 (The Quieter Side)

Name Time Album Artist

1 Moon and Sand 6:22 Lazy Afternoon Heather Bennett

2 Stained Glass (feat. Melissa Manchester) 4:26 Say It (feat. Melissa Manchester) John Proulx

3 Waltz for a Rainy Bebop Evening 5:17 The Genius of Eddie Jefferson (feat. Eric Reed, G… Allan Harris)

4 The Man With The Horn 6:21 Erin McDougald Outside The Soiree Erin McDougald

5 Maxine 5:12 The Beehive Singers The Beehive Singers

6 You There In The Back Row 3:20 An Evening With Jennifer Roberts Jennifer Roberts

7 The Jazz Piano Man 3:33 The Jazz Piano Man (Sings The Lyrics Of Lou Tra… David Budway

8 Small Day Tomorrow 3:33 Sister Orchid Nellie McKay

9 Indian Summer 6:57 The Subject Tonight Is Love Kate Mcgarry Keith Ganz Gary Versace

10 Secret o’ Life 3:58 The Heart Already Knows Kate Reid

11 And so It Goes 5:10 Bridges Shirley Crabbe

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