The Royal Bopster Project

Royal BopstersThe Royal Bopsters Project is a multi-generational vocal summit on which the talents of Amy London (soprano), Darmon Meader (tenor), Holli Ross (alto) and Dylan Pramuk (bass), unite to pay tribute to the art of setting lyrics to melodies originally written as instrumental compositions or improvisations. Their homage to vocalese is made even more exceptional with the contributions of the legendary singers who make guest appearances on the album: NEA Jazz Masters (and Grammy Award-winners) Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross; NEA Jazz Master Sheila Jordan, Arkansas Hall of Famer and Jazz and Schoolhouse Rock mastermind Bob Dorough and six-time Grammy nominee Mark Murphy. With the Support Band, Steve Schmidt (piano) Roni Ben Hur (guitar) Sean Smith (bass) Steve Williams (drums), Steve Kroon (percussion). Timeless indeed when this level of craftsmanship is assembled Jazz Pop/Vocalese never sounded better..Bravo!

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