“Fade To Black,” the 16th album from the multi-talented and multi-faceted Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Carmen Lundy, is a stunning and provocative song cycle created during the turbulent and often isolating times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Featuring 11 tracks all written by Carmen, “Fade To Black” explores such themes as the rethinking of our personal values, loss, a woman’s right to vote and choice, the invasive culture of modern technology, commitment – both to oneself and to one’s partner, and police brutality. Jazzy, passionate, introspective, thoughtful, smart, kind, honoring and loving, Carmen has crafted an album without borders that transfixes its listeners. Carmen explains, “I approached the writing of these compositions from being in this moment. Not necessarily looking back, but observant of the times we live in NOW. Traditional Jazz composition involves understanding its evolution and the spirit of improvisation. I wanted to explore different approaches to harmonic progressions, extended forms, and subtle rhythmic concepts while providing plenty of space where lyrics and melodies sing and tell stories without necessarily feeling the need to represent preconceived ideas about vocal jazz, harmonies or rhythms.”

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