June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky – Loves Tango

June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky have recorded, performed and toured together since 2005 including Japan, South Korea and the United States.

Love’s Tango is their 3rd recording project together and first writing collaboration. It is both traditional and contemporary in concept. The music is Latin/Brazilian in feel and romantic in style, with classical overtones. The CD features three bossa novas, two sambas, a Rachmaninoff-inspired string quartet interlude and one unique tango, from which the project gets its name.

Although definitions of the Tango vary widely, it is universally agreed that the tango is subtle yet passionate, difficult to master yet easy to love – a nuanced, choreographed conversation in which one dances the music, not the steps. Love’s Tango explores the many ways we experience love – romantically, exuberantly, nostalgically and philosophically. Together they embody the latin rhythms, classical ideas and jazz improvisation that characterizes all things Tango.

June Bisantz
June  Bisantz, musician, educator and visual artist, has co-written and produced several collections of original vocal jazz, all of which have received national and international recognition. She has toured internationally and has performed and recorded with distinguished jazz musicians including Steve Swallow, Bob Moses, Paul Brown, Lew Soloff, Jerry Neiwood, Mike Stern & Will Lee.

Reviews and articles about her work (see below) have appeared in prestigious publications including People Magazine, USA Today, Downbeat, JazzQuad.Ru, Jazziz Magazine, Jazz Podium Magazine, Jazz USA, the New York Times, New York Newsday & the Boston Globe. Ms. Bisantz, Emeritus Professor of Art at Eastern Connecticut State University, has exhibited her visual art work in galleries, museums and public space throughout the United Sates.

Alex Nakhimovsky
Jazz/classical pianist Alex Nakhimovsky enjoys a versatile career as a performer, recording artist, producer, composer and educator.  His musical accomplishments as a Jazz and Classical artist include musical direction, arranging, solo and ensemble performances. He has toured throughout the United States, Russia, Japan and Israel, performing with jazz legends Benny Golson, Jackie McLean, Jimmy Cobb, Valery Ponomarev, Sheila Jordan, Curtis Fuller, Victor Bailey and Grammy-nominated artists Bill Evans  &  Carla Cook.

As co-producer of Russia’s Baikal Waves International Jazz Festival since 2006, Alex has made cross-cultural connections for several  Russian Music Festivals, bringing important international artists such as Tania Maria, Richard Bona, Mike Stern, Jeff  Tain Watts & Jeff Lorber to Russia.

Here’s what reviewers say about June Bisantz:

“Most captivating of all is Bisantz, a gifted singer with a warm, bright, intensely vibrant voice and marvelous offhand timing. She navigates fast complicated melodies with sensuous feline ease. Her voice is a revelation, caressing and velvety, but electrically alive.”
Eric Levin, People Magazine

“Bisantz has a smoky sound reminiscent of Phoebe Snow’s early records. She achieves an offhanded hipness on this loose happy set.”
Niel Tesser, USA Today

Downbeat Magazine

“Bisantz’ vocals are compelling, seductive and clever”.
David Okamoto, JazzIs Magazine

“Bisantz might remind you of Anita O’Day in the cool hip flippancy of her delivery and the sure way she handles lyrics. She has a casual, witty insouciance.”
Ray Murphy, The Boston Globe

“Refreshing and memorable – June sings with an assured flair”.
Cash Box Magazine

“Bisantz’ voice calls to mind Phoebe Snow – when she is in her higher register, one thinks of Flora Purim.”
KP, High Performance Review

“June has a strong and flexible voice that allows her to effortlessly maneuver leaps in the melody.”
R. Iannapollo, Sound Choice

“The gorgeous voice of June Bisantz creates a smooth jazz/pop crossover mousse.”
The Boston Herald

“Bisantz’ voice is pure honey, consistently clear and strong and smoky for effect when needed. Her timing’s perfect, and she has lots of personality.”
Jayne Keedle, The Hartford Advocate

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