VSOJAZ 02/15/20 (Mostly New Releases)

VSOJAZ 02/15/20 (Mostly New Releases)

Name Time Album Artist

1 Let’s Go 2:38 Let’s Go Sam Fazio

2 An Elegant Tale 4:00 Kayleidoscope Kayle Brecher

3 Old Country 6:00 Stations Viktoria Tolstoy

4 Rockin’ Chair (Live) 3:59 A Declaration of Love (Live) Georgie Fame

5 Gotta Be This or That 2:53 Pure Imagination Amber Weekes

6 The Albatross 5:26 Higher Patricia Barber

7 All Night Long 3:59 Close Your Eyes Carolyn Lee Jones

8 Lush Life 3:55 Harmony Bill Frisell

9 Social Call (feat. Veronica Swift) 4:21 A Lot of Livin’ to Do Benny Benack III

10 Forget About The Boy 5:02 Confessions Veronica Swift

11 Doublecross (with Tomoko Ohno… 4:56 Joy (with Tomoko Ohno & Vito Les… Jay Leonhart

12 My New Celebrity Is You 6:20 My New Celebrity Is You Blossom Dearie

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