VSOJAZ 07/20/19 (Mostly New Releases)

VSOJAZ 07/20/19 (Mostly New Releases)

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Name Time Album Artist

1 On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) 4:06 ScreenPlay The Tierney Sutton Band

2 Walk Between the Raindrops 2:42 Fine State Heather Bambrick

3 Unlikely Valentine 3:21 Unlikely Valentine Ron Boustead

4 A Little Taste 3:42 Confessions Veronica Swift

5 Rocko’s Back 2:56 Midnight Lullaby Tom Gruning

6 Baubles Bangles and Beads 4:43 Portrait Greta Matassa

7 I Fell in Love with You 3:58 Secrets of My Heart Sarah McKenzie

8 So in Love (feat. Mike Scott) 3:41 Looking for the Answers Aimee Nolte

9 Looking for the Answers 6:57 Looking for the Answers Aimee Nolte

10 Come Dance with Me  3:34 Piano Divas Wendy Kirkland Quartet

11 On the Street Where You Live 2:26 Prelude to a Kiss Calabria Foti

12 Pure Imagination 6:05 True Love John Dokes

13 Like Someone in Love. (feat. Mahesh Balasooriya) 3:35 Bridge to Infinity (Tribute to Zane Musa) Karina Corradini

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