Wanda Sa & Roberto Menescal

Great work from one of the best bossa teams still going after all these years – Wanda Sa and Roberto Menescal – both of whom work here with a bit more groove than usual, definitely earning the “swing” in the title! There’s a very jazzy feel going on here – one that’s still got some of the warmth of Menescal’s recent work, but not as much of the softness – a bit more bite, especially on the rhythms, and a style that leaps out at us a bit more than before. Arrangements are still in that careful blend of space and soul that makes Roberto’s work so great – and although Wanda does most of the singing, Menescal also joins in a bit as well, especially on some cool wordless duet passages! Titles include “Vai De Vez”, “Mar Amar”, “Errinho A Toa”, “Tem Do”, “Ninguem”, “A Banca Do Distinto”, “Telefone”, and “Copacabana De Sempre”.  © 1996-2011, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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