VSOJAZ 09/12/20 (The Quieter Side)

VSOJAZ 09/12/20 (The Quieter Side)

11 songs, 53.9 minutes, 108 MB

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Title Time Album Artist

1 Just Friends (feat. Scott Hamilton) 7:14 Birdsong Champian Fulton

2 Going out of My Head 4:30 Bumpin’ – Celebrating Wes Montgomery Claire Martin & Jim Mullen

3 Alone Again 5:23 Integrity Ian Shaw Italian Quartet

4 At Seventeen 5:32 A Woman’s Story Paulette McWilliams

5 The Way He Makes Me Feel 4:27 Certain Elements Karla Harris

6 Autumn (Live) 5:17 Live at Maureen’s Jazz Cellar Tania Grubbs Quintet

7 Somewhere Along the Way 2:38 Laura Goes East Laura Fygi

8 How Deep Is The Ocean 5:18 This Dream Of You Diana Krall

9 Something So Right 6:31 So In Love Ashley Locheed and Chris Rottmayer

10 The Sounds Of Silence 4:58 I Am Like The Rain: The Music Of Paul Simon Allira Wilson, Harry Mitchell, Ben Vanderwal & Karl Florisson

11 Old Friends 2:12 Homeward Bound: Lincoln Briney Happens to Simon and Garfunkel Lincoln Briney

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