VSOJAZ 09/05/20 (Mostly New Releases)

VSOJAZ 09/05/20 (Mostly New Releases)

Title Time Album Artist

1 Why Don’t You Do Right 3:31 My Wonderland Simone Kopmajer

2 I Won’t Dance 3:49 Dance with Me Carol Welsman

3 The Best is Yet to Come (feat. Josh Nelson) 3:34 What’s the Hurry Kenny Washington

4 Poinciana 6:20 I Wish I Knew Susie Meissner

5 Outside? 5:05 Sofijazz Sofija Knezevic

6 Change My Ways 2:20 Stepping Out Anthony Strong

7 Lose My Number 4:19 Lose My Number Allegra Levy

8 Give This All to Me 5:14 Certain Elements Karla Harris

9 My Favorite Things 7:30 Kayleidoscope Kayle Brecher

10 I Concentrate on You 6:58 Songs and Stories Callum Au & Claire Martin

11 Dearly Beloved (feat. Scott Hamilton, Fukushi Tain… 4:46 Birdsong Champian Fulton

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